How Much Energy Do I Use?

We all know that saving energy around the house is a good thing to do, and that it helps lower your utility bill. But do you know how much energy you are really using when you watch your favorite tv show? Run a load of laundry? Microwave a bag of popcorn? Here is a quick, handy guide.

What is a BTU?

A British Thermal Unit (Btu) is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at a specified temperature (at or above 39°F).


Energy Sources in BTUs

1 Pound of Coal produces 12,500 Btu
1 Gallon of Diesel produces 138,000 Btu
1 Gallon of Kerosene produces 135,000 Btu
1 Cubic Foot of Natural Gas (dry) produces 1,027 Btu
1 Gallon of Propane produces 91,000 Btu
5 Pounds of Wood produces 38,000 Btu


BTUs in Minutes or Hours
Air Conditioner (7000 BTU) 171 Btu/hr
Cable Box (HD)136 Btu/hr
Cell Phone Charger 1 Btu/min
Clock 10 Btu/hr
Coffeemaker 51 Btu/min
Computer with Monitor 921 Btu/hr
Computer Printer34 Btu/min
Dishwasher with Dry Cycle3412 Btu/hr
Dryer 17,061 Btu/hr
DVD Player 341 Btu/hr
DVR Box (HD) 205 Btu/hr
Hair Dryer 85 Btu/min
Microwave85 Btu/hr
Oven17,061 Btu/hr
Refrigerator (21 cu. ft.)2,672 Btu/hr
Satellite Dish w/Receiver1,228 Btu/hr
Stereo 256 Btu/hr
Television (36" Tube)434 Btu/hr
Television (32" LCD)546 Btu/hr
Television (42" Rear Projection)785 Btu/hr
Television (55" Plasma)1,102 Btu/hr
Toaster57 Btu/min
Vacuum80 Btu/min
Washer4,095 Btu/hr