Tracking minute-by-minute electricity demand is a valuable tool to help ensure the reliability, quality and cost of the energy we use.

Predicting our electricity needs plays an important role in strategies to prevent power interruptions during the year’s most extreme periods of peak demand. Sharing surplus electricity from one market to another is one way utilities balance supply and demand. Authorities track this supply and demand around the clock to keep grid operations running smoothly.

Real-time Energy Use

Here are two of the best examples of resources that help us understand electricity use in real-time in the United States. Forecasts, alerts, pricing maps and other information each contribute to the important decisions needed to keep our power grid resilient:

ISO-New England’s Real-Time Electricity Use Information
ISO-New England is a regional transmission organization that serves Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  ISO stands for independent system operator.

California ISO’s Real-Time Electricity Use Page
California ISO manages electricity transmission for most of California and parts of Nevada.

Check back, and as new resources come online, we’ll add them here.