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Educate elementary students about basic uses of hydrogen

Grades: 3rd-5th graders Subjects: Science Objective: Florida Solar Energy Center, a research institute of the University of Central Florida (UCF), has created several energy-focused lesson plans for Florida students. The curriculum is aligned with Florida state standards. The lesson featured here focuses on basic information about hydrogen. The lesson plans and activities introduce students to…

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Teach secondary students about clean energy

Grades: Middle & high school Subjects: Science, math and finance Objective: The Colorado State University extension office has developed a curriculum for middle and high school students that aims to connect students with Colorado state renewable energy initiatives as well as prospective job opportunities. The curriculum includes an overview of energy basics including conservation, details…

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Teach elementary students about transportation fuel options

Grades: Elementary: 3rd-6th grades Subjects: Science, language arts, technology Objective: The NEED (National Energy Education Development) organization has developed and posted a lesson plan that can be taught over several class periods. The plan is called the Elementary Transportation Fuels Infobook. This book serves as the basis for teaching elementary school-aged children the advantages and…

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Quiz your high school students on their energy knowledge

Grades: 9th-12th grades Subjects: Science Objective: The NEED Project is an organization dedicated to promote an energy conscious society. A teacher advisory board develops and produces lesson plans for students K-12. This 20-question energy poll/quiz for high schoolers assesses students’ basic energy knowledge. Additionally, there is a short leadership and opinion poll that can be…

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Teach elementary students the basics of electricity transmission and towers

Grades: Elementary 3rd-5th grades Subjects: Electricity, engineering Objective: Using popsicle sticks, tape, string, pencil and paper, students will work in teams to construct a model transmission tower. Instructor will use this hands-on project to describe to students why electric companies use transmission towers and how they work. Download the lesson and see the basics of…

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Show your students the basics on geothermal energy

Grades: Middle and High School Subject: Geothermal energy Objective & Overview: Teachers can use this video on the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy website that walks students through the process of how geothermal energy can generate renewable electricity. This video will serve as a basic introduction to geothermal energy. Educators in California can…

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Vermont Energy Education Program supports local initiatives through education

Last week, energytrends.org reported on the recent benchmark of Burlington, Vermont to become the first U.S. city to use 100 percent renewable energy. Educators can use this recent headline to inspire their classroom lessons. Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) features environmentally-based lesson plans that relate to state conservation initiatives. Grades: 7th-12th grades Subjects: geography, science,…

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Help middle and high school students understand the headlines on natural gas fracking

Grades: 6th-12th grade Subjects: hydraulic fracturing, natural gas, fossil fuels Objective: This lesson, which is aligned with the common core standards, focuses on teaching secondary students the basics of natural gas fracking. Fracking is a highly controversial issue that is largely debated and covered in the media. Teachers are encouraged to access and use local…

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